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Project Description
GUI-based bandwidth testing tool

The Open Network Tester (ONT) sends a stream of UDP data to a target IP address in order to test network links between sender and target. ONT traffic is intended to be reflected directly back to the testing machine, usually on UDP port 7 (the echo port).

I created Open Network Tester to test WAN links for an Internet service provider. My use case depends on the functionality of Cisco routers to echo UDP port 7 packets back to the source ("service udp-small-servers"). This way, we can stress-test WAN circuits and customer-premise devices without the need for the customer to be involved.
  • ONT is able to dynamically adjust bandwidth output and packet size, by entering the desired bandwidth into a text field, or by adjusting a slider control. No need to stop a test to adjust bandwidth.
  • No need to set up a remote computer with a copy of the test program.
  • ONT reports results in real-time, in text and (Coming Soon!) in graph form.


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