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Downloading and Installing

Requires .NET 4.5 runtime.

Download the latest release here. Releases are distributed by ZIP file.
  1. Download ZIP file
  2. Expand to directory of your choice
  3. Run ONT-0.1.0.exe to install the program

To run the program, simply run ONT from your Start Menu.


Target: Enter the destination hostname or IP address.
Port: UDP destination port. Defaults to 7, the UDP echo port.

Bandwidth: Enter the desired bandwidth usage in the text boxes, or use the slider to adjust. Bandwidth can be entered in terms of bits per second or octets per second.

Packet size: Enter the desired packet size in the text boxes, or use the slider to adjust. Packet size can be entered in bits or octets.

WAN Frame Type: Select the framing type used on the WAN circuit, in order to include WAN frame in the bandwidth computation. (Bandwidth is normally computed with the layer 3 header only.)

Note! Selecting a different frame type will not change the actual layer 2 frame type!

"Compute bandwidth usage below based on WAN frame type": When checked, bandwidth figures include the selected frame type.

Start the test by hitting the "Run" button. Results will be shown in the box below in real-time. Hit the button again to halt the test.

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